Set the Bar High: NASN Credentials

The scope of education for both registered dietitians and medical professionals does not emphasize specific protocol for fat loss, lean body mass gain or enhancing performance. The NASN is a recognized organization, worldwide regulating the use of specific nutrition, exercise, and nutritive supplementation to accomplish these goals. Our credentials are designed to provide existing health and fitness professionals with the tools and methods they need to effectively develop complete, individual sports nutrition programs for their patients and clientele.

Fitness Professionals ... Is it time to move up to the next level? Are you making enough money? Don't miss this opportunity to earn more and increase your client base by becoming a credentialled member of the NASN. Membership is INCLUDED when you become a Licensed Sports Nutritionist (LSN) or Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).

Launch your career by getting licensed or certified by the country's leading organization in Sports Nutrition ... the NASN!

  • Expand your clientele
  • Set yourself apart
  • Raise your professional standard and credibility

Available NASN Credentials

Certified Personal Trainer

This is the entry level pre-requisite for pursuing a sports nutrition license. If you do not meet the qualifications for primary sports nutrition license, start here.
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Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist

Most NASN credentialed Sports Nutritionists hold a Primary Sports Nutrition License and are known as Licensed Sports Nutritionists, or LPNs. Start here if you are an experienced professional, with at least (a) 2 years' professional experience, (b) an undergraduate degree plus 1 year of experience, or (c) a graduate degree in sports nutrition.
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Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist

This advanced license is for the experienced Licensed Sports Nutritionist who supervises other sports nutritionists and/or health professional staff. Master Sports Nutritionists deal with special clientele or difficult cases referred to them by primary sports nutritionists or other health professionals.
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Licensing Instructor Credential

This certification is for those that want to be involved in preparing prospective sports nutritionists for an exciting and rewarding career. This includes instructing, lecturing and proctoring board exams. If you like teaching others and have plenty of experience in your own sports nutrition practice, the NASN is looking for you.
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