Selection Criteria for the Position of NASN Director

The National Association of Sports Nutrition has experienced incredible growth and development since its inception in 1996. The organization was created to meet the educational needs of dietary and fitness professionals in a broad area of sciences, including menu development, exercise metabolism, training regimes and the use of nutritive supplementation. Licensed Sports Nutritionists and Certified Personal Trainers receive NASN education, allowing them to supply their clients and patients with "cutting edge" menus, workouts, and supplement plans that are safe and effective. No other association in the world offers a licensing program specifically designed to manipulate body composition, enhance athletic performance and improve recovery through specific nutrition and exercise regimes. In a regulatory function, the NASN sets the standard for the practice of sports nutrition counseling and training. As world champion athletes and world record breakers receive advice from our NASN Sports Nutritionists, it is important that the NASN receive competent direction and leadership to support the mission statement and maintain potency for the NASN Sports Nutritionist Credential, the current leader worldwide.

For this reason, the NASN Board of Trustees has reorganized the Association to include the appointing of our director in 2005 and beyond. The director of the association must have four important qualities:

  • 1. A broad education and background that blends exercise physiology, nutrition and psychology.
  • 2. A significantly diverse client or patient experience with successful professional athletes.
  • 3. Exceptional business experience with both large and small organization management.
  • 4. Media experience to provide the NASN with increased exposure and a comfortable public presence.

NASN Director Jeff Kotterman, BS, LMSN

The Board of Trustees have selected Jeff Kotterman, BS, LMSN, as the current NASN Director.

Education and Credentials:

Jeff received his Bachelors of Science in Health and Physical Education from the College of New Jersey (then Trenton State College), in December, 1990. Jeff has been professionally involved with training fitness clients for nearly 2 decades, receiving his first personal training certificates from AFAA and ACE in 1993-94. He went on to certify with other organizations, and in 1995, became Apex Fitness, Inc certified. Early in 1997, Jeff Kotterman was a major contributor to the foundation of the NASN and obtained his first NASN Primary Sports Nutrition License in San Diego. He became a Licensed NASN Master Sports Nutritionist in 1998, Certified NASN Licensing Instructor in 1998, and was appointed a board member in 2001.

Jeff currently holds a NAFC Personal Training Certificate with specialty certificates in Weight Training, Fitness Assessment and Lifestyle Consulting. He holds a current teaching credential in New Jersey. Jeff taught personal training certification courses for the NAFC from 1997-2003 and for the NASN since 1998. Continuing his passion for teaching, Jeff currently mentors Sports Nutritionists nationwide in addition to his responsibilities as NASN Director.

Jeff holds additional professional memberships with the International Society of Sports Nutrition and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Former Clients:(Accomplishments listed were performed while working with Jeff Kotterman)
McGrathJeremy McGrath, seven-time supercross champion, winning 72 250cc main events and taking supercross into the main stream
EllisTori Ellis, World Champion Title holder in Eskrima
BergmanOphira Bergman, Gold medalist, Karate; Athlete of the Games, Maccabiah Games, Israel, 2001
MenchLee Mench, 2-time World Record Holder, 100 meter freestyle (short and long course)
WarnockNick Warnock, Feature Film Actor, Speaker and Participant of the TV reality Series "The Apprentice" first season
BartramClark Bartram, fitness personality and cover model,
ColemanRobin Coleman, Professional Strongwoman, Fitness Model and Actress, (dead lifts 505 pounds, squats 525 pounds, clean and jerks 225 pounds) -fitness modeling by Jeff Kotterman
OrbanicSara Orbanic, cover model
MarmolJoe Marmol, cover model
ChambersHank Chambers, MD, Medical Director, Children’s Hospital, San Diego
City SealSan Diego Government officials
Navy SealsUS Navy Seals
FiremenSan Diego Firemen
SheriffsSan Diego Sheriffs
GouletMary Goulet, Co-Founder of on
DepewDave Depew, Host of the Dave Depew Fitness and Nutrition Hour on
LorenzenArron Lorenzen, Professional Master Dancer
TuftPriscilla Tuft, Professional Fitness Model, Personal Trainer and Licensed Sports Nutritionist,

Business Experience:

Jeff Kotterman's business experience in the nutrition and fitness industry has spanned the last 20 years.  He has worked with Holiday Spas and 24hr Fitness. Soon after his first personal training certificate in 1990, he started Ultrafit personal training in Pensacola, Florida. In 1992, he became a leading Fitness Professional for Apex Fitness, Inc. Three years later, he became CEO of Teknofit, Inc., Toms River New Jersey. Teknofit successfully expanded into both northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania with satellite nutrition and fitness centers in both states. In 1995, Jeff was instrumental in the effective merger of Teknofit and Precision Nutrition Institute, Inc. (PNI). His research and direction of PNI lead to the development of a standardized "metabolic assessment" before clinical nutritional evaluation was standardized for exercisers. This clinical nutritional assessment is used by sports nutritionist and dietitians today. PNI's ventures also include supplement and meal replacement development and sales. After introducing PNI's flagship product, "Lifetime Dietary Systems" at the Natural Foods Expo in Los Angeles in 1996, Kotterman experienced "Supplement Rivalry" with the System having irreparable trademark conflicts in California.

Early in 1997, after Jeff obtained his first NASN Primary Sports Nutrition License, TriSystem Nutrition - - was founded. This business is a unique Sports Nutrition practice, providing menus, exercise plans and specific supplement regimes. Trisystem is still active today, providing NASN fitness professionals and sports nutritionists with a whole network of support and resources, including web based software, training and business development.

Jeff Kotterman in the Media: 

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