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Licensing through Distance Learning

Enhance your qualifications by licensing through established Distance Education. The flexibility of the distance learning format makes it ideal for candidates who do not live close to the Association's established locations. By being able to arrange your own study schedule, you will be able to become licensed sooner, entering into your sports nutrition practice at your own pace.

In your candidate package you will find the official NASN Board Exam preparation guide. Your NASN representative may also include other informational books to help you prepare for your exam. The Board Exam will be proctored at a location near you. You will have two hours to complete the exam without references or assistance. You must select a proctor and schedule your exam within six months of receiving your package.

"Let me tell you I'm very satisfied with the [Primary Sports Nutrition Licensing] Course. Obviously it was easier for me because of my medical degree, but it gave me a completely different approach and view of nutrition not only for athletes, but for the general population. I'll be using what I've learned with my patients. I'll be sending you the name and address of my proctor as soon as possible." - Dr. Juan Alvarez Dunzelmann, MD, Venezuela

Continuing Education

Correspondence continuing education courses are provided by Nutrition Dimensions and DSW Fitness, among other programs sponsored by the NASN. In order to renew your license or certificate, continued education is necessary, and you can complete this requirement by taking courses from one of these sponsored organizations. (Please see the page Renew My License or Certificate for more information on the requirements for annual renewal.) Take a look through the catalogs presented on these websites. Your patients/clients will thank you for the added knowledge you bring to their fitness and nutrition counseling.

If you have questions regarding Distance Learning or Continued Education, please contact the NASN by phone or email.

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