Our Approach to Health Promotion

Optimal health and the proper method of achieving this condition is urgently needed worldwide. The role of the licensed sports nutritionist is to facilitate this need.

In this technological era the human lifestyle has become progressively more sedentary. Modern conveniences have left us with the ability to accomplish more work using less energy. In other words we don’t have to sweat to earn a living and we no longer have to hunt for food or work to pull our food from the earth. Of course, modern conveniences have freed us from being bound to a daily routine that was primarily concerned with survival. Work does not have to stop when the sun goes down. Neither does play, for that matter.

This has obvious ramifications that are becoming more apparent. We are learning that processed foods combined with long hours at non-physical jobs and long schedules have lead us to a relatively new lifestyle. This lifestyle has made us more prone to heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and other health dilemmas including stress and depression.

These health issues have not been ignored. Modern medicine is attempting to cure diseases and disorders. Unfortunately, heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes are still some of the major health problems in American society. The medical community’s attempt to improve human health has been effective in the control, containment and eventual elimination of diseases. We have focused our research on the treatment of disease and the eventual cure of those inflicted. We have progressed. Medical treatment has extended our longevity. A specific medical development was the vaccination. Providing the body with a weakened form of a specific disease prepares our bodies’ immune system to properly withstand an acute infection of that disease.

The significance of this development is that it is preventative in nature. It has effectively rid society of diseases that are much more difficult to treat once inflicted. Healthcare is much more effective and much more economical if it is preventative. Unfortunately, vaccines only prevent some diseases. Heart disease, specific cancers, obesity, diabetes and other health dilemmas including stress and depression are unaffected by vaccines. Heart disease and cancer are the first and second leading causes of death in the United States. Research has found that exercise and nutritional habits are strong factors in the prevention of a wide spectrum of medical and psychological conditions including the health problems just mentioned. Further studies have shown exercise and nutrition are effective modalities in treating some of the same conditions.

It has been the health professional’s goal to educate the public in proper eating and exercise habits. This has been somewhat ineffective. It is not because people don’t know that they should be exercising and eating right. The problem is developing exercise and nutrition programs that are applicable to specific individuals. Eventually, medical treatment will include specific nutrition and exercise therapies. The basis for all this will be to promote optimal metabolic and physiological function.

It is the intent of our association to present, promote and monitor the current research in developing specific nutrition and exercise plans in order to optimize metabolism and energy balance. A direct benefit of optimal metabolism and energy balance is optimal health, wellness and body composition.

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